Volkswagen shows off its concept Tarok truck

Auto brands don't only focus on the new Volkswagens you'd find at our Aurora CO dealership. They also love building concept vehicles and taking them on the auto show circuit. Sometimes these concepts are merely a bit of play and other times concepts give big hints to future models you can expect to see around Centennial CO or Littleton CO.

Today, we'll focus on the Volkswagen Tarok Concept that was unveiled for the first time in the States at the New York International Auto Show a few weeks ago.

The Tarok Concept was Volkswagen's foray into the pickup world. The model is a compact truck with a tiny truck bed. To get a little more functionality for longer items, you can extend out the bed to increase your theoretical hauling needs around Greenwood Village CO and Lakewood CO.

Engineers put a 147-horsepower engine under the hood, and there's full-time all-wheel drive and a 6-speed automatic transmission. With a healthy 9.6-inch ground clearance you could easily avoid bumps on backroads and potholes in downtown Denver CO.


Volkswagen first revealed the Tarok Concept back in 2018 at the Sao Paulo auto show in Brazil, and there's a good chance it'll go on sale in South America. So far, there aren't plans to bring the model to North America or Canada, but based on customer interest and South American sales, there's a chance we could see this model in the States.

These "mini-trucks" are undoubtedly polarizing. However, it could be an ideal option for a city driver who does regular trips to the home improvement store for weekend work and is tired of getting the back of their sedan's trunk or crossover cargo area dirty.

Would you be interested in the Volkswagen Tarok Concept? In the meantime, if you are looking for a truck as a second vehicle to compliment your current Volkswagen model, check out our used truck inventory.

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