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Meet the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport concept hybrid SUV

We've been writing a lot about Volkswagen concept vehicles on the blog, but this one is a little different. Unlike the Tarok concept and the ID. Buggy concept, the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport concept will be available in the future at our Aurora CO dealership!

Differences between the Volkswagen Atlas and the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport concept

  • Seating: If you need a family-friendly model to do errands in Denver CO or pickup the kids in Littleton CO, the Volkswagen Atlas has your back with three-rows of seating. The Atlas Cross Sport concept will be a two-row, five-passenger version.
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Volkswagen does a tech-savvy throwback with their ID. Buggy concept vehicle

If you were around the beach scene during the 60s and 70s - a truly iconic time for the Volkswagen brand - you hopefully got to see a Volkswagen dune buggy moving across the sand and giving its passengers one heck of day! There's still no idea if Volkswagen will ever create such a vehicle again for production, but we're happy enough to see the Volkswagen ID. Buggy concept model they released at the Geneva Auto Show.

This concept blends old-school styling with new-school technology. You'll immediately notice the 'dune buggy' look and imagine yourself touring Centennial CO and…


Volkswagen shows off its concept Tarok truck

Auto brands don't only focus on the new Volkswagens you'd find at our Aurora CO dealership. They also love building concept vehicles and taking them on the auto show circuit. Sometimes these concepts are merely a bit of play and other times concepts give big hints to future models you can expect to see around Centennial CO or Littleton CO.

Today, we'll focus on the Volkswagen Tarok Concept that was unveiled for the first time in the States at the New York International Auto Show a few weeks ago.

The Tarok Concept was Volkswagen's foray into…


Volkswagen unveils the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta GLI performance trim

When Volkswagen released the redesigned 2019 Volkswagen Jetta a few months ago, they left one trim off the table: the GLI. They didn't retire the performance-focused offering, but they wanted more time to update its looks and engine. Earlier this month at the Chicago Auto Show, they unveiled the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta GLI, and it'll be arriving at dealerships soon. Let's see what this more aggressive and sportier Volkswagen Jetta model has to offer.

Inspiring Performance

The Volkswagen Jetta GLI is powered by the same engine that's under the hood of the Volkswagen Golf GTI. 



Get to know the upcoming 2019 Volkswagen Arteon!

Volkswagen vehicles are already known for their style and performance that looks and acts a class-above, and shoppers looking for a premium offering love the new inventory. That said, there's always further a brand can go, and Volkswagen is taking it another step with upcoming 2019 Volkswagen Arteon. This vehicle sits squarely in premium model territory, and the fastback sedan style is a classy addition that we know shoppers are going to want to get their hands on.

Here are three of the things we're most excited about on the Volkswagen Arteon! To learn more about this model…

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The Volkswagen People's First Warranty beats the competition

Car warranties. They admittedly aren't the most thrilling thing to think about when you're shopping for a new vehicle, especially when you can talk about engines, premium seating material, infotainment systems, and dual-pane sunroofs.

However, if something goes wrong with your vehicle, you'll be glad you had a warranty to help cover the repairs!

The Volkswagen's People's First Warranty

Starting for most 2018 new Volkswagen models, Volkswagen brought the People's First Warranty to the table. They believe it "puts buyers in the driver seat", and we have to agree. 


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